About the Film

Bike City, Great City is an uplifting ride through cities that are embracing cycling as a liberating, convenient and healthy way to get to where you want to go.

David Chernushenko is a citizen, cyclist and city councillor in Ottawa, Canada, which received a “Silver” Bicycle Friendly City designation in 2011. That’s pretty good. But for David — and all cyclists and aspiring cyclists — Silver is not good enough. They want Gold. They want their city to be a place where people of any age, gender and income level see the bicycle as a practical, appealing and affordable choice for travelling to work, to school, to the shops, to everywhere.

In North American cities, less than two percent of people choose the bicycle as a regular mode of transportation. In great European cycling cities, more than 30 percent do. But in the last five years, dozens of major American and Canadian urban centres have figured out what Copenhagen has long known: When you give people a real choice — by making cycling a safe and appealing way to travel — they flock to it in droves and transform the city into a better place for everyone. Even drivers.

Length: 40 minutes
Year of completion: 2013

About the Director

David Chernushenko has directed two films on sustainability and energy issues: Be the Change (2008) explores the challenges and rewards of trying to live more lightly. Powerful: Energy for Everyone (2010) examines alternatives to conventional energy systems. He directed Bike City, Great City both as a citizen and as a city councillor (since 2010) in order to promote the universal benefits of active transportation and better city building. He lives, works and does most of his cycling in Ottawa, Canada. Read the director’s statement HERE.

About the Executive Producers

Terry Kimmel is a semi-retired professional with global expertise in alternative fuels, notably hydrogen. He is active in a range of Ottawa community initiatives. Producing Bike City, Great City is his first foray into the production of documentary films.

Tucker House Renewal Centre is a charitable retreat and environmental learning centre that works to promote sustainable living by:

  • Providing interactive ecological programs for children, youth and adults in Prescott-Russell and Ottawa, Ontario, and in Gatineau, Quebec.
  • Operating and maintaining an environmental and spiritual retreat facility and organic garden in a natural, healthy and historic setting.

About the Creative Team

Editor Ben Walker is an emerging filmmaker and video artist. He is currently working as a freelance videographer and editor in Ottawa, Canada. Ben prefers two wheels over four.

Don H. McMillan, who is responsible for the film’s animation and graphics, is a freelance computer animator and graphic designer in Ottawa. He has worked on a wide variety of broadcast, government and private industry animation projects. As a regular cyclist, Don was very happy to be a part of this project.

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Animation & Graphics


David Chernushenko

Living Lightly Productions / Green & Gold Inc.

Terry Kimmel
Tucker House Renewal Centre

Ben Walker

David Chernushenko

David Chernushenko

David Chernushenko and Anouk Hoedeman

Don H. McMillan

Ben Walker


Hans Moor and the Embassy
of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Ottawa

David Chernushenko

Momentum mag (various magazine
covers courtesy of Mia Kohout)

Kathleen Wilker

Audio Post-Production

Bartmart Audio

With special thanks to Wayne Bartlett


Evalyn Parry
The Sultans of String

Thanks to Chris McKhool and The Sultans of String for permission to use their music:

  • El-Kahira
  • Kitchen Party
  • Rumba Norte

Special thanks to Evalyn Parry for use of her music and video scenes from her live show “evalyn parry’s SPIN”

  • She Rides
  • Amelia Bloomer Sings for Fashion Reform
  • Progress


Tricia, Zoe and Isaac Wind
Colin Simpson
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Jesse McDonough
Cristina Furlong
Dina Cintin
Mia Kohout
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Marie-Odile Junker
Anna Chernushenko
Eric Chernushenko

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Anouk Hoedeman
Hans Moor
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James Newton
Gaia Chernushenko
Alex de Vries
Pierre Sadik
Kristina Inrig
Kara Stonehouse
Anneka Bakker
Bike the Big Apple
Tucker House Renewal Centre
Share the Road Coalition
League of American Bicyclists
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